You shall decide for yourself 

At Lincoln Quakers there will be no-one telling you what to believe 

We offer you the peace and quiet to find your own path

What do Quakers believe?

The Quaker way has its roots in Christianity.

Friends also find meaning and value in the teachings of all faiths and acknowledge that ours is not the only way.

In the silent hour of a Quaker meeting, each person tries to draw closer to what the Spirit of God is for them.

As this shared experience deepens, anyone present may be inspired to speak.

There is no pre-arranged programme, and no one directs what happens.

Our simple form of worship is over 350 years old and is still as relevant today as it was when it began.

You are welcome to experience it for yourself wherever you may be on your spiritual journey- whether committed Christian, agnostic, or questioning sceptic.

Progress Pride Flag

Progress Pride flag

Recognising that simply saying 'all are welcome' at a Quaker Meeting isn't enough, Lincoln Friends have chosen to support the Progress Pride flag. 

The original Pride flag is a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community and its colours represent the different communities within it.

Over the last few years the Pride flag has been updated and changed to better include and represent more communities.

One of these updated versions is the Progress Pride flag.

You can read more about the history of the flag at the V&A museum.

Quakers in Britain website

Quakers in Britain website

The Quakers in Britain Website is at quaker.org.uk. Here you can find out more about our faith, values and history.

You can also read our book Quaker Faith & Practice online as well as order a free information pack.