Our Meeting House

Lincoln Meeting House

Built on top of an old Quaker burial ground in 1689, Lincoln Meeting House is the city's oldest place of Non-Conformist worship.

The Meeting House is made up of two buildings being joined together - The original 1689 room to the left and the brick-built 1910 room to the right.

1689 Licence for Worship

1689 Licence for Worship

Granted in 1689, Lincoln Meeting House’s Licence for Worship marks both the year when it became legal to be a Quaker and when the Meeting House was constructed.

1689 was the year when the Toleration Act was passed by Parliament, “to unite their Majesties Protestant subjects in interest and affection.”

A copy of the Licence for Worship hangs in the hallway.




1689 Room

1689 Room

Friends raised around £28 towards the initial construction and work began in September 1689, continuing throughout the winter months.

The winter was harsh and slowed down the work, but finally the Meeting House was ready to open in March 1690 at a total cost of around £68.

The first ever meeting at Lincoln Meeting House was actually a wedding!

1910 Room

1910 Room

As the 20th century began, Lincoln Quakers found their numbers increasing and so in 1905 began fundraising to expand the Meeting House.

One reason for the expansion was to offer better facilities to the various community groups who had used Lincoln Meeting.

After five years, the 1910 Room finally opened and to this day is still used by both Quakers and community groups alike. 

Advices & Queries Painting

Advices & Queries painting

Painted by Lincolnshire artist, Graham Lewinton, Advices & Queries is inspired by Lincoln Quaker Meeting House and currently hangs in the 1910 room.

In Lewinton’s painting, written into the wooden floorboards of Lincoln Meeting House, is the complete text of Advices and Queries from Quaker Faith & Practice.

Heritage Day

Quaker Tapestry

As part of Lincolnshire's annual Heritage Week, Lincoln Quakers put on an themed exhibition and give tours of the Meeting House - coffee & chat included.